Fallen Eagles

Honorariums 5/2004

In Honor Of George Fullenwide '65
From Stella (Frank) Drager '31 And Teresa Fullenwider,
For The Scholarship And Memorial Forest Funds

In Memory Of Al Ferrier '49 From Loretta (Holmes) (Ferrier) Ward '49

In Memory Of Patricial (Robinson) Roberts '43
From Carole (Robinson) Heinig '34
For The Cleveland Memorial Forest.

In Memory Of Tom Kubota '57
From Ed Haarmann '57 And Kay (Phillips) Haarmann '57

In Memory Of Ellis And Virginia (Baer) Roscoe '38
From Kazuko (Umino) Bill '39

In Memory Of Roy Olson '45
From Margaret (Lylha) Berre '45
For The Scholarship, Memorial Forest And General Funds

In Honor Of George Wiedum
From Catherine (Krisewich) Weidum '40 For Their 60th Wedding Anniversary

12/2004 Honorariums

In Memory Of Erwin Smith '56 Who Passed Away June 12, 2004 Of Pancreatic Cancer
From his wife JoAnn (Victor) Smith '56

In Memory Of Bob Fern '58 Who Passed Away In June 2000
From Mary (Fern)Hammericksen '61, John Fern '53 And Ellen Fern '55,
For The Scholarship And Memorial Forest

In Memory Of Ray A. Olson '45
From His Wife Lois (Allan) Olson '45

In Memory Of Mary Jean (Haugen) Cook '46
Who passed Away In April 2004,
From Her "little sister" From College, Jacquelyn (Smith) Mc Coy For The Scholarship Fund.

In Memory Of Charlene M (Schmaing) Gallarno-Wolkman '48,
Who Passed Away In September 2002
From Her Sister, A. Yvonne (Schmaing) Robertson '52

March 2003

In Memory Of Donald E Lapham '40
From Fred And Margaret Brewis,
For The CHS Memorial Forest Fund.

In Memory Of Helen Leponis Jensen '39
From Catherine (Krisenwick) Weidum '40

Gladys (Johansen) Jackson '35
Who Passed Away Sept. 17, 2002,
Remembered The Alumni Association With A Very Generous Bequest In Her Will.

June 2000 Memorials

In Memory Of Evelyn (Schultz) Homann '43
From Mona Rae (Budarin) Serpa '43

In Memory Of Eugene Young '60
From Wayne Mc Cutchen '62

In Memory Of James R Anderson '42
From Dorothy L (Husk) Anderson '41

In Memory Of Al Ferrier '49
From Loretta (Holmes) Ward '49

In Memory Of Larry '60 and Gary Winstead '62
From Joann (Janie) (Winstead) Roaf '55

JULY 1999 Newsletter Memorials

In Memory Of Herbert (Toby) Holm
From Nellie Stensen Holm '34

In Memory Of Art Furtwangler '41
From Christine Huber Grubesic '36

In Memory Of Norma Jean (Sims) Kroon '56
From Ellen (Sims) Wankowski '52

In Memory Of Carol (Tarp) Nist '35 From Gene Nist

In Memory Of Palmer Smith '37
From Clarence Smith '39

In Memory Of Richard Oertli '54
From Margie (Wallrof) (Mc Ginnis) Brown '54

In Honor Of Betty (Young) Robinson '45 and Bill Robinson's 50th Wedding Anniversary
From Mary (Jylha) Stuard '45 And Margaret (Jylha) Berre '45


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