As our 1958 class reunion committee sets the plans for our celebration, my favorite teacher, Mr. Dolstad & the influence he had upon me came to my mind & heart. This is a special memory as a way of dedication to Mr. Dolstad, a teacher who changed my life forever!

A Treasured Gift

Mr. Dolstad was my junior & senior high school, home room teacher, class advisor as well as my typing teacher. The impact he had upon my life has left an imprint never to be erased!

I remember feeling shy and lacking in confidence when I entered Cleveland High in the seventh grade. But that would soon change!. Little did I realize my world was about to be turned upside down by a certain teacher! I would never be the same during those six years and continuing after my 1958 graduation. Each time I met with Mr. Dolstad for different reasons, he took time to instill confidence, hope, encouragement and a purpose for my life. He invested his time in me and believed in me more than I believed in myself! Knowing my parents were divorced when I was a young child and didn't have a father influence, I think Mr. Dolstad made up special meetings just to help me feel special and to discover I had something to offer. Because of his influence, I wanted to contribute and even some how make a difference. He pushed me to work hard, to learn how to organize activities, to be a leader and even the president of my sophomore class! I never dreamed something like that would happen! Under protest, Mr. Dolstad placed my name on the ballot just to prove to me I could win the position of the president. And I won! He became like a father to me, a father I never had to lean on. He was my dad at every Father-Daughter banquet. He made me feel important and special and I was so proud to be with him just like a daughter should be with her father!

Everyone needs a special teacher to help make a difference in the life of a student, a difference like Mr. Dolstad made in my life! If he had not been my teacher and mentor, I would have remained uninvolved, shy and a stay in the background kind of person. But God blessed me with a teacher, a teacher named Mr. Dolstad who valued me and he in turn became a treasured gift I continue to value to this day!

Dorothy (Bosnich) Clausen Class of 1958