Cleveland Memorial Forest
28322 SE Issaquah-Fall City Road, Issaquah

At the height of World War II, in the early 1940s, Cleveland students sought a way to memorialize classmates who had died in service to our country; to that end, they contributed over $500, including gifts from the graduating classes of 1943 and 1944, to purchase some land. At a county tax auction in July 1944, Vice Principal Ray Imus bid on a quarter section of logged off land east of Issaquah on the Issaquah Fall City Road. When other bidders learned that the students hoped to create a memorial forest to commemorate for our fallen classmates, no one bid against Imus and the land was acquired for $300. The deed was issued to Principal Kenneth Selby who subsequently granted the property to the Seattle School District by quit claim in December 1944.

The Forest, off the Issaquah Fall City Road, consists of 131 acres of second growth timber, including Sitka Spruce, Douglas Fir, and Western Red Cedar. Inviting trails cut through the lush vegetation and a salmon spawning stream finds protection there. This beautiful memorial to fallen classmates serves as a striking contrast to the horrific war that inspired its origin.

Today, the Forest is used for the annual Memorial Forest Trek, (CHSAA), and for Garfield HS field trips and outdoor training.  And is available to Seattle schools for similar purposes.  CHSAA is actively pursuing
the building of a new Lyceum; providing the bulk of the funding and direction. Additional funding would be helpful.

History Article (2000)
A. The Gift
B. Development of the property
C.  Memorial to fallen Classmates
D. The forest as an educational tool
E.  Who owns the CHS Memorial Forest?
F.  Cleveland Alumni Association Formed
G. Seattle School District oversight Committee Formed
H.  Relationship with adjacent Property owners
I.  Law Suit

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Ray Imus Article (1970)
Ray Imus article for the Kalama Bulletin in 1970.  A history of
Washington State forestry and history of the Memorial Forest

    CHSAA is working with Seattle Public Schools to rebuild the Memorial Forest Lyceum

Plans have been recently been developed for the rebuilding of the Cleveland Memorial Forest Lyceum structure that was destroyed by fire in 1999.  Our active partner, the Garfield ( High School) Outdoor Education Post has taken the strategic initiative to develop a design and obtain accompanying structural engineering for the proposed rebuilding project.  Whidbey Island Architects have developed the plan to utilize the existing foundation and rebuild the new structure.  Geotech Consultants of Bellevue WA have provided the engineering calculations and Whidbey Island Architects have included a proposed cost breakdown and a construction timeline, all on a pro-bono basis.  All that remains is to obtain the necessary construction permits from the local jurisdiction and then put the project out for bid.  This will allow the project to be built with a combination of volunteer labor and professional work and/or supervision of the process.  As of this writing, approval from the School Board to begin construction is pending and has been agreed to, in principle, thanks, in part, to the efforts led by new Cleveland High School Alumni Association Board member Phil Petty and a group of interested alumni.  This addition, accompanied by the recent rebuilding of the outdated bathroom facilities will allow for a fuller appreciation and utilization of the facility and the forest hiking trails. The forest then can be utilized to the fullest by the thousands of Seattle Public High School students, for education and recreation
All of this will be made possible with the support we are continually receiving from our community . If you wish to help, any contribution will be most appreciated and help us toward reaching our goal sooner.  Currently, the project will cost approximately $40,000 and thanks to the support we have received already, we are confident the goal will be met.  Please take a moment to review the artist's rendering of the structure and the accompanying maps of how to get to the forest and of the trails that run throughout the forest.  For further information or questions, please contact: Ben Wakefield   Association members may donate and use the newsletter donation coupons.

Donation Coupon

Lyceum Proposal

Brochure pdf


A tentative schedule


2012 Memorial Day Trek

                                                        Poem 'Remember Me'  by Pat Sullivan Rosenkranz (1949)

Previous Treks

Ms. Emanuel and class waiting for the ceremonies to begin.
Alison Sing, CHSAA President 2004 and Ellen Rowe, former school board member
Don Clifford, Class of 1944, CHSAA President 1996

Ms. Beatty's Drama Class reading of poetry at cermemonies
Dedication Plaque for Flagpole donated by Rohletter family in the memory of James B. Rohlettter, Class of 1937 and member of Championship Football team.
Honor Guard Salute our Fallen Eagles.

Link to Memorial Trek 2008

Directions to the Cleveland Forest/ Map

Topo Map ({PDF)


Memorial Day Ceremony

CHS Fallen Eagles List



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