Honoring Mr. Ed Landon, 93rd Birthday Party
Creating the Ed Landon Scholarship Fund

We trudged through the snow to the Ed Landon Scholarship Fund / Birthday Party on Sunday, December 2nd, 2007. There were around 200 people in attendance.  We were surprised at what a fun party it turned out to be.  It was scheduled to end at 3pm, but continued on until 5:30.  More than twice as long as scheduled.

A number of people stood up and told about the major impact that Mr. Landon had on their lives.  Some of it was funny, some emotional, but all of it was impressive.  His involvement ranged from suggesting careers, arranging scholarships for college, to matching boyfriends with girlfriends.

The specific occasion for celebration was Mr. Landon’s 93rd birthday party.  The secondary reason for the event was to raise money for the Ed Landon Scholarship Fund.  A total of just over $11,000 was raised, with a net profit of over $10,500.

The welcoming comments were made by Jim Yurina, class of ’58.  Mr. Landon’s daughter, Marlys Alger, introduced family members that were in attendance.  A granddaughter, Trish Smith, did a narration for a slideshow that did an overview of Mr. Landon’s life.  The slideshow covered his high school days at Moclips where Mr. Landon was a knuckle-ball pitcher, his graduation from Western Washington University with a teaching certificate in 1940, service to his country during WW II as a cryptographer, graduation from the UW with a master’s degree in history and education, and Mr. Landon’s teaching and coaching at Cleveland High School.

Mary Ann (Bosnich) McCord ’57, a key organizer, told of how the idea for the birthday party and scholarship fund came about.  She introduced John Barton ’54 who challenged all the other classes to try to beat the $1000 that the class of 1954 raised.  That started a flurry of activity by other classes to increase their contribution.

Then Mr. Landon spoke.  His mind was as sharp as ever, and he took some ex-students to task over differences in opinions on past events.  He told of the trials and tribulations of teaching and coaching at the smallest high school in Seattle.  He had opportunities to move on to other schools, but chose to stay at Cleveland High School.  He loved the school and the students, and the students certainly loved him.

People involved in putting on this wonderful event included:

Joe Bellotti ’57, Dorothy (Bosnich) Clausen ’58, Joe Colello ’58, Bill Coleman ’56, Gene Davis ’57, Janette (Costanzo) Dunn ’61, Marlene (Omey) Ellingson ’56, Jon Koloshi ’57, Barbara (Fowler) Leonetti ’51, Mary Ann (Bosnich) McCord ’57, Bernie Moskowitz ’57, Valerie (Fierling) Nelson ’61, Pat (Bosnich) Reindel ’60, Jerry Rosso ’58, Jerry Tobolski ’57, and Jim Yurina ’58.

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