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The First Scholarships were in 1998

This was the first year scholarships were awarded by the CHSAA. Application criteria were devised and applications were made available at the school for all that wished to apply. The committee met and selected Shaun Murray and he received $1,500. Two committee members Elaine Comerford and Loretta Scott decided to finance a second scholarship under the auspices of the alumni association for $1,200. Maggie Woo received that scholarship. Both students maintained good grades and participated in school activities. Shaun displayed musical talent as well as sports and leadership abilities. He plans to study music and computer programming at the UW. Maggie has a very strong work ethic and volunteered during all of high school. She plans to attend North Seattle Community College before transferring to the UW to study nursing

1999 Scholarships awarded
Faye Yee Lau and Andy Chow each received a scholarship for $1,500. While maintaining excellent grades Andy participated in varsity basketball and varsity baseball. He also volunteered in his community. He plans to pursue his interest in computer engineering and math-science education at the UW. Faye also maintained excellent grades and was active in extracurricular activities. She also participated in Outward Bound. She was active in Junior Achievement as well. She plans to study economics and finance and the UW.

2000 Scholarships Awarded
Ten applications were received this year and three of those students were awarded $1,500 each. Nancy Fung plans to study computer science or computer engineering at the UW. She prepared by maintaining a 3.7 GPA taking math, science, computer design after school at the UW. She participated in extracurricular activities such as DECA, Library Council volley ball and track.

Edgar Hernandez feels he was blessed with obstacles that helped shape his character. He began his education in this country in bilingual education classes. He volunteered by tutoring, school cleanups and the Seattle AIGA LINKS art programs. He maintained a 3.8 GPA and plans to enroll in the UW to study education and/or architecture.
Sarin Thim will be the first in her family to graduate high school and attend college. She plans on studying to be come a biologist at the UW. She has maintained a 3.6 GPA while participating in school sports and other school activities.

2001 Scholarships Awarded

For the 2000-2001 school year, the CHSAA awarded four $1,000 scholarship. Two scholarships went to Lalit Rios and Heizle Baluran. The other two recipients, Oscar NG and Paula Balch, were given scholarship in memory of Darce Harvey Lamb '57 who was chosen as the CHS Distinguished Alumni for 2000.
The scholarship recipients were named at an assembly on May 30th. Each student was excited about receiving their award
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Three scholarships totaling $6,500 were awarded this year. The recipients were Miaoduan Lu, who will attend a Seattle community college to study nursing: Jaiqing Chen, who will attend a community college to study business and Rukie Yousuf who will attend a technical college to become a medical assistant. Recipients are chose based on academic achievement, community and school activities. They are also rated on an essay. Ten students applied.

2003 Scholarships

The alumni association awarded a scholarship to two seniors this year. Karen Andrade Marin and Wendy Tse are the recipients. Karen earned a 3.97 grade point average and plans to attend the University of Washington to study nursing. She was active in numerous school activities and worked in community activities that included fund raising for UNICEF and the Salvation Army. She was also on varsity swim team and received many awards during her high school years.

Wendy intends to study bio medical engineering at Dartmouth University having earned a 4.0 grade point. Her fathers' disability has inspired her to work towards helping those with central nervous systems disorders. She also was active in many school associations and clubs and volunteered for several groups including Peer Mediation, Teens for Recreation and Environmental Conservation.

The CHS Alumni Association was awarded $2,000 toward scholarships from the Washington State Community Scholarship Matching Grant Program. That grant was awarded to Karen, as she will attend an in-state school. Her total scholarship is for $2,500. Wendy also received $2,500 from funds raised by our annual golf tournament and tax deductible contributions from alumni. The monies may be used for college tuition, books and expenses.

2004 Scholarships

Your alumni association was pleased to award 2 scholarships to 2004 graduating seniors. Khoi Nguyen plans to attend South Seattle Community College with emphasis on Business Administration and Social Work with the help of his $2,000 scholarship. Khoi maintained a 3.7 GPA. He has been involved with community service as well as played soccer and enjoys basketball. He also practices English as it is his second language.
Lorna Garces is attending South Seattle Community College also in training as a nurse assistant. She tutored and participated in track. Her scholarship is for $1,000.

The class of 1954 had a wonderful drive while planning their 50 year reunion.
This drive yielded another scholarship for over $2,200 to Mary Parada. Mary plans to attend the UW and major in psychology. Hopefully other reunion committees will follow their great example.

2005 Scholarship

There will be a record five scholarships awarded for this academic year. Michelle Chavez was awarded $2,500 so that she might attend Seattle Community College and study criminal justice. Michelle displays high ideals and is a good worker in addition to maintaining good grades and involvement in her school and community. Tanya Palapuz earned $2,000 toward her studies as a Chemical Engineer. She plans to attend the UW and was active in the community and intellectually ambitious. Sandri Li shows she has the skills necessary to succeed. She maintained a 4.0 GPA and plans on attending the UW to study Ocular disease. Lisa Phan is already enrolled in community college. She had a 3.9 GPA and plans to study business/culinary arts. Her scholarship was for $1,000. Xochitl Sotelo was awarded $1,000 toward her education in the dental field. She plans to begin her studies at Seattle Central CC.

2006 Scholarships

Clara R. Ulugalu plans on attending Pacific Lutheran University with the intent of studying business management and advertising. She co-founded the CHS Poetry Club, worked part-time, was an All-School Club representative and participated in the CHSAA Memorial Trek this year. She not only read a poem at the trek but was one of two students to act as Color Guard for the flag ceremonies. She had an accumulative GPA of 3.3, and she enjoys acting, playing the piano, writing poetry and taking road trips. Clara’s award was for $2,500.

Guo Zhen (Tiffany) Huang was the recipient of the Class of 1950’s athletic
scholarship. She was active in cross country and track and received awards for Most Improved and Most Valuable. Guo Zhen also volunteered at a Chinese school after school hours. She has a thirst for learning and plans on attending Bellevue Community College, with a goal of becoming a doctor. Guo’s GPA was 3.6, and her award was $1,600.

Ashley Watson received $1,500 toward her goal of attending Western Washington University. She plans on majoring in pre-physical therapy, with an emphasis on exercise and sports science. Ashley was the Associated Student Body president this year and demonstrated strong leadership attributes with her fellow students. She was involved in a peer mentoring program and in multiple sports as a team member and captain. She enjoys reading, singing, crossstitching and attending church.

This was the second occasion that a class-reunion committee has inspired theirclassmates to contribute to a special scholarship award. The Class of 1954 challenged its classmates in 2004. How about your class sponsoring one, too?

2007 Scholarships

Two $2,500 scholarships were awarded from a field of seven senior students who applied for the alumni association scholarships this year.

Heansang Ratha Chhay plans to attend community college in her pursuit of a degree in the field of nursing. She volunteered at a medical clinic and the Cambodian Cultural Museum and Killing Fields Memorial. She also earned a varsity athletic award in tennis and received an award from the Rotary Club. She maintained a 3.8 GPA and her senior project dealt with Cambodian Genocide.

Joanne Duong plans on majoring in Business at the U of W. She was also involved in several community volunteer projects and played tennis and was on the cross country team. Her senior project research the affects of Birth Order and she maintained a 3.5 GPA.

Note: Scholarships are funded by your contributions and the annual golf tournament proceeds.

The scholarship committee considers GPA, activities in the community as well as extra curricular activities at school, reviews their senior project, essay and personal recommendations as well as financial need.

2008 Scholarships

Four students from the class of 2008 at Cleveland High have been awarded scholarships of $3,000 each.  Nine applications were received and it was very difficult to select just four.
The quality of applicants was very high.

Two of the scholarships are a result of the wonderful efforts to honor teacher and Coach Ed Landon.  He taught and coached at Cleveland from 1948 to 1973 and is 93 years old.  Almost $12,000 was raised since September 2007 to fund this scholarship effort.

Sochetna Chhay will be attending South Seattle Community College this fall planning to major in computer programming.  He joins his older sister Heansang who received a CHSAA scholarship in 2007.  Sochetna maintained nearly a 4.0 grade point average while being involved in community activities as well as school activities of Key club, chess club, newspaper club and a member of the Asian Pacific Islander club.  He was also a member of the tennis team.  He hopes to use the education he receives to create computer technologies for the blind

Thea Leidel plans to major in education and political science at Western Washington University in the fall. Thea hopes to teach at the high school level with her eye on higher level positions.  As ASB class president, Thea participated in several of Cleveland’s re-opening ceremonies.  Over the course of her high school years she always has been involved in student government as well as the practice required to be a member of the Varsity softball, basketball and volleyball teams.  Thea maintained 3.6 GPA while taking the most challenging courses offered and contributed to the outside community through Key Club and Global Visionaries.  She has been described as a very well rounded nice person.

Breana Hubbard plans are not firm yet but hopes to attend Grambling State U majoring in Biology and Spanish.  She hopes to use her degree to help others.  Breana got a jump on her freshman year by participating in Running Start and has a 3.2 GPA.  She is innovative and single-handedly organized and published the school-wide newspaper which had been missing in recent years.  She also was a force in creating a student store.  The lack of a Journalism class or business education teacher was not a deterrent.  She also worked two part-time jobs outside of her school day.  She also participated in volleyball, basketball and softball as well as contributing to the community through Key club.

Deon Abdullah intends to pursue a career in medicine starting with a nursing degree. He hopes to put his education to use relieving the suffering of others.   He is involved with activities and productions that include choreography and tap dance.  He has participated in football, weight lifting and has received several awards.  Deon maintained a 3.3 GPA.

Community involvement includes the emergency feed program, ‘Now is Fitness” teen center and church activities.


The scholarship committee awarded scholarships totaling $5,000 to three deserving student from the Class
of 2009. The awards were based on evaluating student need, the quality of their essay, GPA, Senior Project,
community and school activities, including teacher recommendations. All the applications we received were
from “excellent” students and the competition was exceptional.

Three students were selected: Marlaney Dominguez ($2,000), Breisha Dyess ($1,500) andNikki Ngo ($1,500).


Marlaney didn’t start her high school career on a high note. She moved here from Los Angeles and had a difficult home situation. During her junior year, a major transformation occurred and she matured into a responsible empowered young lady. Her school activities include leadership class, student council, and varsity cheerleading. She served as a tutor, teacher’s helper and a motivational speaker at several community centers, she will study Nursing at the U of W.



Breisha comes from a single-parent family; a mother raising three daughters, with one
in college and another scheduled to attend college this fall. Breisha’s community activities
include Stop Youth Drinking, Bio-Tech expo and volunteers at the Puget Sound
Blood bank. Her school activities included ASB Vice president, TRIO talent search,
MESA. (define) She has a cumulative 3.85 GPA and plans on studying medicine at the
University of San Francisco with a focus on becoming a Forensic Pathologist.

Nikki was heavily influenced by her father’s high expectation and perseveres to be successful.
Her school activities include ASB Leadership, Key Club, and junior varsity volleyball.
Her community activities include the Chinese Community Girls Drill Team, Salvation Army
Youth and Childhaven Therapeutic Care, as a volunteer. She plans on majoring in Psychology/
Business Administration at the University ofWashington.
These three scholarship recipients were greeted with great enthusiasm by their peers as the Senior Awards
breakfast where they joined other students who received recognition for their individual achievements.
What a wonderful difference our alumni association scholarship program is making in the lives of Cleveland High School students.


This article was written prior to the Senior Breakfast where scholarships are awarded.  Mr. Landon plans to attend and award these two scholarships himself. 

The alumni association would like to encourage contributions to the Scholarship Endowment fund so that only the interest is used to award scholarships to these deserving students. 



Scholarship Winners 2011
CHSAA awarded a total of $10,000 to the graduating class

See details in July Newsletter




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