CHSAA Scholarship Recipient

A lecture from Dr. Adam D. Leache, an Environmental Scientist, through University of Washington Math Science Upward Bound (MSUB) program, inspired Calvin Fung to expand his appreciation for the outdoors from a hobby to a major in environmental science. His junior and senior year extracurricular activities centered around sustainability efforts on campus. Calvin joined the Green Team, a student-led club with hands-on activities in the school garden and fundraising to advocate for small changes in the school. He collected dried whiteboard markers from classroom teachers and mailed them to the Crayola Company to repurpose the plastic and reduce the impact of dense plastic waste on the environment.

The professors in the summer Upward Bound program as well as his teachers at Cleveland High School commended Calvin’s work ethic and energy and believe he will rise to the rigor of college coursework.

In the fall of 2019, Calvin has begun his pursuit of an Environmental Science degree at the University of Washington in Seattle.

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