CHS Memorial Forest Ceremony Set for May 27, 2022

Cleveland High School is the only high school in the universe that has a Memorial Forest honoring our World War II heroes. Every Friday preceding the Memorial Day weekend the CHS Alumni Association has a ceremony at the CHS Memorial Forest to honor alumni* who lost their lives while serving in the US military. Our ceremony typically includes guest speakers to tell stories about some of our alumni who have served in the armed forces of the USA. An Honor Guard fires a salute to our fallen heroes, and Bernie Moskowitz ‘57 plays Taps. CHS students participate in a flag-folding exercise before it is presented to a survivor of a fallen loved one.

Our new granite monument naming our fallen heroes was installed in 2017, thanks to a generous donation from two alumni who wish to remain anonymous. A protective coating was provided by Frank & Haru Nishimura. Frank served in the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, with good friend Yoshito Noritake who is listed on the monument.

Everyone is encouraged to make the trek to the Rock. The bronze plaques naming our fallen war heroes are no longer there, but it’s good to see this special place in the forest where our heroes were honored for so many years. Following the ceremony, refreshments are served to students, CHS staff, and guests. In some years, we have had four busloads of students but only one or two buses in most years. We are hopeful for a good turnout this year.

All expenses are paid by the CHS Alumni Association.

The maps below show our Memorial Forest is located between Issaquah and Fall City. After the ceremony, a number of us usually go to the Fall City Roadhouse & Inn for lunch. The Roadhouse provides a pleasant, old-fashioned setting that is perfect for renewing old acquaintances and making new friends. A wonderful way to end a memorable day.

For a day you will long remember, join us for the ceremony at the CHS Memorial Forest and lunch at the Roadhouse.

CHS Alumni Association Memorial Day Ceremony at the Forest
Friday, May 27, 2022, 11:00 AM
28322 SE Issaquah-Fall City Road, Fall City, WA

CHS Memorial Forest

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*Our fallen heroes of WW II are documented in the book Honored Dead by our own Pat Rosenkranz ‘49.

CHS Alumni Association on the move in 2022!

The CHSAA Board had a successful “Annual” Meeting with Alumni across the U.S. utilizing the Zoom app. Check us out for our next “ALL” Alumni Meeting in February 2023. Mark your calendars!

The Board is looking to fill two or three vacancies. Also, to join the Scholarship Committee. $239,000 has been awarded in CHSAA Scholarships, to date. Alumni, if you have the time, this is a wonderful way to give back to your School and Community! Show us your Eagle Pride!

Memorial Day 2022 – Friday, May 27th . . . we are making plans to hold our annual ceremony to honor our Fallen Eagles who sacrificed their lives while serving in the US armed forces. To ALL the men and women currently serving our great nation . . . Thank you for our FREEDOM !!!

The Board is working on a schedule where alumni can come out and support our CHS boys & girls athletic team events. More information to come!

The Board is looking for any historic CHS yearbooks or artifact items that alumni would like to donate to our Grover’s Corner Room. The room will be utilized for significant items associated with CHS. GO EAGLES!!!

The CHSAA Board is excited and looking forward to a “Meet & Greet” with Franklin High School’s Alumni Board. Here’s to the Red & White . . . Building Bridges!!

This year, the Alumni Board is celebrating its 25th Anniversary tentative set for the Fall of 2022. A lot of fun activities are being planned. Stay tuned. We’ll keep you posted!

Our Social Medial Committee is working on our digital platform, updating, and improving our Facebook, Instagram & Snap Chat accounts for CHSAA.

The CHSAA Board meeting dates are set for Saturdays at 10:00 AM via ZOOM or In-Person, on August 6th and October 15th. We’ll keep you posted on the location on our CHSAA Website.

Looking Ahead and SAVE THE YEAR for Cleveland High School’s 100th Anniversary Celebration in 2027! Alumni, please send us your ideas to

A Trip to the CHS Memorial Forest: A few of the CHSAA Board Members (Bernie Moskowitz ’57; John Barton ’54; Mary Lou (Zarkades) Barton ’54; and Nicole R. Washington ’80 taking the pictures) took a field trip to the Cleveland High School Memorial Forest to prepare for Friday’s May 27th Memorial Ceremony. Alumni, please come out and honor the memory of our Fallen Eagles who served our Country. We met the new groundskeeper at the Forest, Robert Hodges, who recently found what he thought was a stump with a rock in the side. He stripped away the moss and discovered a memorial (see photo) that stated the following:

1966 -1978

Memorial dedicated to Norman L. Morrison
Memorial dedicated to Norman L. Morrison
Robert Hodges – CHSMF caretaker
Robert Hodges – CHSMF caretaker

2021 Accomplishments

2021 Accomplishments

The Forest is protected!

Cleveland High School Memorial Forest Conservation Easement Agreement with King County and Memorandum of Understanding with the Cleveland High School Alumni Association

On March 10, 2021 the Cleveland High School Alumni Association was successful in its efforts to convince Seattle Public Schools (SPS) to sell the development rights to the Memorial Forest to King County Parks Department (KCPD). This major accomplishment means

  • SPS retains ownership of the property
  • SPS collects $3.47 million from KCPD
  • Easement placed on the property to restrict development
  • Property is added to KCPD Forest Conservation plan
  • CHS alumni can rest assured that the property is protected.

Details about this meeting can be found at

CHSAA and SPS signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for CHSAA use of the Forest, including:
  • CHSAA is allowed to provide a new concrete sign “The Cleveland High School Memorial Forest”
  • SPS will consider rebuilding the existing lyceum ($120K-$150K)
  • CHSAA and SPS will consider a feasibility study for managing the CHS Memorial Forest, featuring selective harvesting and replanting

In 2021 the CHSAA donated $35,000 for CHS scholarships

Additional 2021 Accomplishments

2022 Annual Meeting

2022 Annual Meeting – February 12


Date: Saturday, February 12, 2022

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

Place: Virtual, via Zoom (Details below)

Note: CHSAA celebrates 25 years in 2022!


  • Approval of Minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • 2021 Accomplishments
  • Election of Board Members
  • 2022 Objectives
  • 2022 Scholarships
  • CHS Memorial Forest Issues
  • New Business
Board Meeting to follow. 

    Please provide your name and class year to attend the Zoom meeting on February 12, 2022. We will follow up via email with the Zoom details.

    Meeting ID: 899 1632 1840
    Passcode: 456869
    Dial-in by your location
    Click either number to call:
    253-215-8782 (Tacoma)
    346-248-7799 (Houston)


    Use this form to request the Zoom details via email so that you can join the meeting. We look forward to seeing you!

    From the Principal

    Dear Cleveland High School Community,

    The winds of change are blowing at Cleveland High School. This is a bittersweet moment in my professional career. After eight years as the proud Principal of Cleveland High School, I have decided to move on. I am going downtown to serve as a Principal Coach and Mentor for newly appointed principals in Seattle Public
    Schools. It has been an honor to serve as the proud Principal of Cleveland High School, and I will never forget the support that the Alumni have shown my family and me over the years.

    We have seen Cleveland become one of the most desired schools in the region, with the highest graduation rates in the area. Many of our students are being accepted into and graduating from four-year universities. Cleveland’s legacy is stronger than ever because we are family at Cleveland High School.

    Catherine Brown will be serving as the newly appointed Principal of Cleveland High School. Catherine has been at Cleveland for over 18 years, serving as a teacher, an academic intervention specialist, and Assistant Principal. Catherine is extremely passionate about student equity, academic rigor, and social justice. She has a long history at Cleveland, and she will diligently work with students, staff, community, and families to take Cleveland High School to the next level.

    Mr. Ray Morales, who serves as my other wonderful Assistant Principal, will be leaving to become the Principal at Chief Sealth High School. Mr. Morales has been at Cleveland for five years as an Assistant Principal and has brought passion, energy, and expertise to our race and equity teams. Ray has also helped re-shape our special education department, athletic department, and science
    department. Ray will be sorely missed at Cleveland High School, and we wish him well at Chief Sealth High School– except when they are competing against Cleveland.

    Finally, Ms. Fely Regan, who serves as the life-blood of Cleveland, will retire this year after 36 years of excellent service. I have had the pleasure to work with Ms. Regan for eight years, and she is by far the best administrative secretary in the District. Ms. Regan is not just a colleague; she is family. I would not have made it as the Principal at Cleveland High School without Ms. Regan. She is the heartbeat of Cleveland High School, and everything at Cleveland runs smoothly because of Ms. Regan’s dedication, institutional knowledge, expertise, and work
    ethic. Ms. Regan holds Cleveland High School together, and she is the go-to person for teachers,

    George L Breland, Principal
    Cleveland High School

    Pat Rosenkranz honored by CHSAA

    The CHSAA honored Pat Rosenkranz ‘49 by having eight copies of her book, “Honored Dead”, bound in hardcover and distributed to close family members and friends.

    The following Preface was added to the newly covered books:

    Honored Dead
    Honored Dead, by Pat Rosenkranz

    Her book, HONORED DEAD, tells the stories of the “Cleveland boys” who died while serving in the armed forces of our country during World War II. These men are honored and memorialized at the Cleveland High School Memorial Forest, which is located in east King County near Fall City, Washington.
    During the war, the students of Cleveland High School (CHS) sought a way to honor classmates and alumni who were killed in the war. The graduating
    classes of 1943 and 1944 raised money by holding car washes, fundraisers like the senior play, bake sales, donating pocket change, and other odd jobs, to come up with $300.

    Science teacher, Joseph Hazzard, suggested that they purchase a tract of land and make it into a memorial forest. With that thought in mind, Vice Principal Ray
    Imus took the money to a county tax auction of logged-off land. He bid on 131.52 acres. When word got around of what the CHS students and staff were trying to accomplish, no one bid against him. The property was purchased in the name of Principal Kenneth Selby.

    But the story of the memorial forest doesn’t end there–– it was just the beginning. Weyerhaeuser donated 10,000 seedlings of Sitka Spruce, Douglas Fir, and Western Red Cedar, and the students planted them and nursed them until they were fully established. They dug a well, installed restrooms and a sewage drainage system, built utility sheds and a lyceum measuring approximately 50×25 feet.

    It was Faith Beatty who worked with CHS students to research each of our Fallen Heroes to document how they lived and how and where they died. Using their work as a starting point, Pat worked for 2 years researching and writing the book, including tracing the maps by hand and spending untold hours to have the book as accurate as possible. Her major concern was finding a publisher who would help design and title the book’s cover to add meaning and compassion to the
    history documented in the book.

    Patricia Sullivan Rosenkranz
    Pat Rosenkranz

    To honor Pat’s work in writing Honored Dead, a motion was presented to the board of the CHS Alumni Association (CHSAA) to purchase hardcovers for eight of her books and give them to close family members and friends, the CHS Library, and the Seattle Public Library. CHSAA president, Bernie Moskowitz, led the
    board in unanimously approving this motion.


    It is our hope that these hardcovered books will serve as family heirlooms to help remember Pat’s accomplishments related to our Fallen Heroes, the CHSAA, and the CHS Memorial Forest.

    Dennis Dong

    Dennis Dong – A beloved math teacher

    The CHS Alumni Association was notified through a family member about the sudden passing of a beloved CHS math teacher, Dennis Dong so we are adding him here in hopes to give other alumni the opportunity to share their memories.

    “Enjoy every day as if it is going to be the best day of your life.” ~ Dennis Dong

    Dennis Dong was born on April 12, 1945, to Lena Jane Chin and Gerald Dong in Bremerton, Washington. His parents divorced when he was young and he lived with his father and grandmother in Seattle while growing up, while his mother moved to San Francisco to start a new life. His older sister, Diana lived with their mother and then their mom remarried and had a daughter named Karen Wong.

    As a young man, he also worked as a busboy at a long-time Chinese restaurant called The Hong Kong Restaurant in Seattle.

    Dennis attended and graduated from Seattle University in June 1971 with a Bachelor of Arts in Education as well as from the University of Washington. His favorite subjects were English, science, and history. But why did he choose to become a math teacher? According to Dennis, “Because it always came easy. It is black and white; there is always an answer and many ways to get at that answer.” He was a dedicated teacher and believed that the greatest part of being a teacher is sharing his knowledge and contributing to the success of students.

    He devoted over 30 years of his life as a math teacher/math department head (according to Melinda Goodleaf, Manager of Records & Archives, Seattle Schools) at Asa Mercer Middle School (1971/1972 to 1973/1974), Cleveland High School (1974/75 to 1986/87), Denny Middle School (1990/92 to 1993/94), Nathan Hale High School (1995/96 to 2001), and Ballard High School (2001 to 2007, retired in 2004 but subbed 2006/2007).

    He loved seeing movies, concerts, and “getting some good eats.” According to an article from a Ballard High School newsletter, he was well-liked as he was full of enthusiasm, charm, and wit.

    Dennis made such an impression on his students that former students would contact him after they completed his class. Even today, he has had a lasting impression on his former students.

    He was beloved by his family and thousands of his former students. He leaves behind his two sisters, Diana (Les), Karen (Steve), a nephew, Theo, and niece, Natalie, as well as many cousins and friends.


    Did you know Mr. Dong? Share your memories through the link below.
    Evergreen Washelli Funeral Home & Cemetery

    Patricia Rosenkranz

    Patricia (Sullivan) Rosenkranz

    VANCOUVER — Patricia Leone (Sullivan) Rosenkranz, 90, passed away peacefully on April 4, 2021, in Vancouver, Washington. She had a home in Ocean Park, Washington prior to moving to Glenwood Place Senior Living Community in Vancouver in 2019.

    Pat was born in Minot, North Dakota, on Feb. 12, 1931. She moved to Seattle with her family in 1941 and graduated from Cleveland High School in 1949. Pat married H. Craig Rosenkranz in 1952. They moved to Spokane with their two daughters, where Pat eventually obtained her teaching degree from Eastern Washington University. She was an inspirational art and social Studies teacher at Medical Lake Middle School for 22 years.

    The Long Beach Peninsula was a special location for Pat and her family for over 60 years. She and Craig were among the first property owners in the Pacific Pines Development in Ocean Park. They spent many happy years with family and friends, vacationing and building a cabin on their property. They eventually built their retirement home and Pat continued to live there following Craig’s death in 1997.

    Honored Dead
    Honored Dead, by Patricia Rosenkranz

    Art, travel, and writing poetry were just a few of Pat’s many interests. Her association with the Cleveland High School Alumni Association and her lifelong interest in history led her to write the book “Honored Dead,” a collection of biographies of Cleveland High School boys who died in World War II.

    Twenty years ago, a friend introduced Pat to Don Armeni, a fellow Cleveland H.S. alum. Together, Pat and Don enjoyed traveling in Europe and throughout the United States. They were active in the communities of Ocean Park and Kalama, Wash., where they attended the United Methodist Church.

    Pat is survived by daughters Nancy Biasi (Dennis) of Portland, Jane Rettig (Steve) of Spokane; grandchildren Simon and Christopher Biasi, Cara Rettig Lommen (Drew), Haley Rettig Dang (Maika), five great-grandchildren, and her loving companion, Don Armeni. She will join her mother and brother at Holyrood Cemetery in Seattle where a family graveside memorial will be held at a later date.


    The primary function of the CHS Alumni Association is not to benefit CHS students, but to preserve the CHS Memorial Forest. No one has done a better job of that than Pat Rosenkranz, because she has inspired many to work on the problems associated with the forest by writing her book, Honored Dead. ~ John R. Barton ’54

    Last year our webmaster put together a video for Memorial Day, with photos and excerpts from the book. There is also a page on this website dedicated to the Honored Dead. Unfortunately, the book is out of print, and so we are currently in discussions to preserve this book, by having it bound in hardcover and distributing it to her family, as well as a close friend, and the Seattle Public Library.

    Please join us in honoring Pat’s life and her work by making a contribution to the CHS Alumni Association in her name. Donate here.

    Aerial View of Memorial Forest

    Development Rights Proposal Passed Unanimously

    Our proposal to sell the development rights of the CHS Memorial Forest went before the full school board today and . . . PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.  Noel Treat served as the attorney for SPS.  In the discussion prior to the vote, the line most commonly stated was our line . . . It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN situation.  SPS wins, King County Parks wins, and the CHSAA wins.

    The proposal also included the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between SPS and CHSAA, which calls for $150,000 for a new lyceum, and CHSAA would be allowed to put up a new sign calling it the Cleveland High School Memorial Forest.

    Board Meeting Minutes Excerpt:

    Cleveland High School Memorial Forest Conservation Easement Agreement with King County and Memorandum of Understanding with the Cleveland High School Alumni Association (Ops, February 4, for approval) Approval of this item would authorize the Superintendent to execute a Conservation Easement Purchase and Sale Agreement with King County and to execute a Memorandum of Understanding between Seattle Public Schools and the Cleveland High School Alumni Association in the form of the draft agreements attached to the BAR, with any minor additions, deletions, and modifications deemed necessary by the Superintendent to implement these agreements. (Updated Since Introduction) Director Hersey moved to approve this item. Director Rivera-Smith seconded. Director DeWolf noted the update since introduction to add an excerpt from the Cleveland High School alumni newsletter. Directors spoke in support of the item.

    This motion passed unanimously.

    View minutes:

    Edwina Nelson Gannis

    Edwina Nelson Gannis

    January 5, 1949, to November 21, 2020.

    Edwina, 70, passed away the evening of November 21st, 2020, at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, with her husband and son by her side. The last years of her life were spent battling the effects of multiple heart failures. She was tremendously tough and courageous in dealing with her persisting health issues. The word “fighter” does not do her justice.

    Edwina was born in Everett, Washington to Edwin Nelson, and Kathryn “Kay” Nelson. She graduated from the University of Washington, where she met her husband of nearly 50 years Michael Gannis, and would later receive a Masters’s degree in Sociology. Edwina met Michael at the Century Tavern, next to the university, and was engaged within a month and married on June 6th, 1971.

    She became a high school teacher spending most of her career at Cleveland High School, in Seattle, where she taught Social Studies, History, and Journalism. She was devoted to helping her students reach their utmost potential.

    Edwina was beloved by the Cleveland HS Community and loved them just as much.

    Edwina was extremely kind and intelligent. She had a voracity for adventure, travel, food/wine and learning. Summers were spent with her family soaking in as many different cultures in as many different locations as she could. If she wasn’t with her family
    on an adventure she could be found hosting parties for friends, at brunch with a Sunday newspaper finishing the NYT crossword, or playing golf. She always had something to do or somewhere to go.

    A loving, caring, and thoughtful wife and mother, She leaves behind her husband Michael Gannis, her son Zachary, her sister Edalyn Wicklund, her nephew Brandon Wicklund, and niece Haley Saunders. Edwina left an indelible footprint wherever she stepped and will be sorely missed.


    This message goes out to the Cleveland High School staff and students from about 1980 to 2010.

    Edwina was a superb Social Studies teacher and a wonderful friend.

    When I wanted to know about European History, she would know it… Edwina was a genius, she knew everything about everything. She never acted superior when she knew so much. It was easy to ask her questions; she never made me feel uncomfortable.

    Edwina was funny, warm, generous, unique & kind. I have so many great memories of Edwina. She was a great person.

    Faith Ann Beatt