The Granite Monument

The purpose of the granite monument is to replace the bronze plaques that listed our fallen heroes who lost their lives while serving in the armed forces of the United States during World War II, The Korean War and the Vietnam War. The bronze plaques were ripped off and likely sold as scrap metal. The granite monument was designed by John Barton ’54 with assistance from Patricia Sullivan Rosenkranz ’49 who wrote the book Honored Dead, which tells the story of the Cleveland High School ‘Gold Star Men’ who died while serving in World War II.
Front Side of Monument
The Granite Monument in The Memorial Forest
Back Side of Monument

CHS Veteran's Memorial

The CHS Veteran’s memorial, which was conceived by Bernie Moskowitz ’57 and designed by John Barton ’54, Bernie Moskowitz ’57 and Mary Lou (Zarkades) Barton ’54. 

This memorial is located at Tahoma National Cemetery in Covington Washington where Bernie is the lead bugler.

CHS Veterans Memorial
CHS Veteran's Monument at the Tahoma National Cemetery

10,000 Trees Planted

Aerial View of Memorial Forest
CHS students and staff planted 10,000+ trees to make the CHS Memorial Forest what it is today.

The Landon Plaque

Landon Plaque
The Landon Plaque

The Ed Landon plaque, which was conceived by Mary Ann Bosnich McCord ’57 and designed by John Barton ’54 and Bernie Moskowitz ’57. This is a bronze plaque located in the Ed Landon Library at Cleveland High School.


Published on page 14 of 01/2020 Newsletter